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We are a family run company and have been in business for 36 years. Michcor produces corrugated packaging and is known for reliability, creativity, and a competitive approach to pricing.   Working with us, our clients have often significantly reduced their packaging costs. We run a full line manufacturing plant in Grand Rapids, a supply distribution warehouse in Lansing, and ship all over the state.


John Pettengill President

During college John worked in production, and then moved his way to sales.  Boxes were in his blood as his uncle and father both worked in the corrugated industry.  As an ambitious young man he found himself the general manager of a large company in Grand Rapids.  After multiple bosses and re-locations to follow his career trajectory he came to a choice; to control his destiny and invest in himself or keep stability and continue working for others.  With a pregnant wife and a mortgage he took a risky chance to put his faith and energy into himself.  It was the right choice and Michcor was born in 1981. It started in his basement office and has grown to  90,000 square foot historic building in Grand Rapids and an additional complex in Lansing.  Some of the team that joined this independent in the 80’s are still with the company today.  

Historic Location


The building at 1151 Sheldon at the corner of Hall and Division has been standing since the 1920’s.  It was originally used as a turn around hub and barn for trolleys. These bustling street cars kept Grand Rapids moving.  We use the street car as our mascot since each one of our team is bustling to make packaging to keep our client’s products moving!

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